Aug. 31, 2016 · Joidart

Mariela is the woman who inspired our new collection. You probably already know her. You might have discovered some of her contradictions. Or perhaps you have fallen in love with her jewellery. In any case, today you can see her in action. Flowing to the rhythm of her thoughts. Letting herself get swept along. Being herself. She is the lead in the clip that we’re releasing today. When she moves, Mariela has a special air about her. Enigmatic. Vibrant. Her gaze challenges and attracts. Hypnotises and calms. Her gestures are harmonious. She is totally natural. She is a transparent woman. Confident and courageous. Someone who accepts her contradictions. She does not try to be perfect, but to be herself. With her skills and her imperfections. She knows that sometimes her mind is far, far away. She gets lost in dreams and fantasies. Ideas and inspirations. Maximum creativity. Others may root her feet to the ground. Then, the worldly Mariela emerges, who is all impetus and strength. She is both of these things. That’s what Mariela is like. She chooses her jewellery depending on how she feels and what she fancies. She doesn’t adhere to pre-established rules. She loves asymmetry. She combines colours and materials. Today, she feels like wearing a brooch and puts one on. Tomorrow she adds two necklaces. Another day she wears one very long earring. She combines pieces of jewellery, plays with volumes and invents looks that are never exactly the same again. Because no two days are identical. And no two Mariela’s are the same. You can find all of her items of jewellery in Joid’art stores and at


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