Jul. 02, 2019 · Creations

The island of Crete cannot be described in words; to really feel its magic you must visit its shores. The vestiges of the artistic legacy left by the Minoan civilization – their buildings, objects and jewelry – stand out more than ever amid the island scenery, and at Joidart we have captured this esthetic essence, both simple and striking at once, to create our new Minoica collection.

The team at Joidart Lab describes the Minoica collection as ancient Mediterranean jewelry fused with an ethnic and tribal touch, offering necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings that feature half-circles and hand-textured flat surfaces created in the ways of the old Minoan metalsmiths.

The collection's pieces are available in matte silver and gold-plated matte metal, making them the perfect addition to simple outfits, invigorating that straight, unadorned dress or your favorite pants and T-shirt look. When you put them on, everything changes.

Our jewelry's personality will inspire you from the start. Come to one of our stores or go to joidart.com to check out the Minoica collection and see for yourself!

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