Aug. 03, 2017 · We like artists

Mireia Grau has been the photographer responsible for infusing our campaign images with life, colour and feeling for a long time now. Recently worked her magic on our newly released collections for AW17. Her inquisitive eye looks out at the world through the lens of her camera, with a talent for capturing the most beautiful aspects of all she sees. [Interview content] She has a clear vision, she knows what she wants and shows each model off to her absolute best without compromising its movement or spontaneity. Mireia is a breath of fresh air, and this she conveys in what she does and the way she does it. She is a pleasure to work with. And to interview.
Inquisitive, cheerful and restless. I started studying psychology until I realised that I was spending more time taking photos than studying. I was always taking pictures of my friends. It motivated me much more and, although it was a difficult decision to make, I left university and began studying the thing I am truly passionate about. At first I concentrated solely on artistic and portrait photography until I tried a fashion shoot. I liked it so much that I specialised in that. It has grown gradually since then and now I make a living from it.
I like a lot of different types of photography, from artistic to commercial fashion... you can draw inspiration and ideas from anything. There are a number of photographers whose work I particularly follow, like Camilla Akrans, Txema Yeste, Esperanza Moya, Colin Dogson, Pudelka, Sasha Oda... Girly, romantic, naive ... The work I have done for fashion magazines – they work the best for me in terms of creating what I have in mind. Specifically I would highlight the last fashion shoot I did for Neo2, where I managed to convey exactly what I wanted. The whole team worked really well and the light was perfect. When I shoot jewellery I always think of concepts such as style and delicacy. I think they should convey strength, femininity and personality. Any nice piece can convey that, although the more elaborate or original it is, the more it gives.
The thing I like most about Joid'art is the artistic intention behind its work. The creative director develops a discourse, a story for each campaign that we try to represent in images. We promote the artisan and individual concept of each piece in all the campaigns, even showing the people behind each one.
I love travelling and I really like to cook. The Guilin mountains in China. The winter sun. When the sun is low. Sorolla's Bathers. I love the Garland earrings in gold from the SS17 collection.
And my favourite pieces from the new AW17 ranges are the Lacrima earrings, they look like suspended tears... they are stylish and because they are white they go with everything. The earrings in the Terrazzo Project collection are beautiful and very original. I go for earrings more than bracelets and rings in general, although I really like the Rever reversible rings.


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