Jun. 22, 2016 · We like artists

Tea Sirbiladze is a young illustrator and fashion designer who was born in Georgia, but who lives and works in Barcelona. Her designs are minimal at first glance but are technically very complex and awash with melancholy. Hers are delicate almost ethereal creations inspired by contemporary art and the empty white spaces she loves. [Interview content] Tea's world is private. Limitless. Cold and relatively lonely, but she lets us in in this interview. Tea, define yourself in three words. Limitless, create, art. Tell us about yourself and your career. I'm a fashion designer and illustrator. I started out studying Fine Arts in my native country, Georgia, and graduated in Fashion Illustration Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. Then I studied fashion design at ESDI in Barcelona. And I am still here. What made you go into design? It was what I wanted when I was little. I always found the world of art fascinating; I love to create. You combine fashion design and illustration. Do you draw any lines between them? For me the two things have always gone hand in hand, as though they were one and the same. I think design and illustration are, above all, art. What stages do you go through in your creative process? The first step is to cut myself off. Inspiration comes when I am alone, photography is an aid that inspires me too. The next step is to draw faces, focusing on the expressions, and then I start to design. The rest comes by itself. What inspires you? Many things inspire me, but my greatest inspiration is melancholy and white spaces. What type of jewellery goes best with your designs? Small, discreet pieces. The more minimal the better. I especially like the ceramic pieces. A colour White. A landscape Anywhere in Iceland. A piece of clothing A coat. A work of art I really like Portrait of Wally by the Austrian painter Egon Schiele. What are your favourite pieces of Joid'art jewellery? Why? I love the small earrings in the Taglio, Sonia and Tibela collections. I like the Lilla mini rings too for their minimal design.

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