Original jewelry to gift someone love on Saint Valentine’s day

Jan. 09, 2023 · Joidart


A fluttering sensation in the stomach. A racing pulse. Goosebumps. Warmth in the chest. Love is a wonderful feeling. It always finds a way to make itself be felt, even when you least expect it, and when we connect with it and feel it is reciprocated, we find endless ways to encapsulate it to give it away. Words, gazes, gestures, details… but also objects and pieces that can be touched and felt, and that we imbue with special meaning.


Original jewelry that transmits love

Jewelry, an undeniable symbol of love. Small pieces of beautiful, delicate art on the outside, and loaded with feeling on the inside. They speak without the need to use words about what we feel: love, affection, appreciation, happiness… But at Joidart we believe that it is not their eloquence that makes them perfect demonstrations of love: what differentiates them from any other object, is that they touch the skin of the person wearing them, making their message last over time and be expressed every time that person looks at and touches the piece of jewelry.



Creative ideas for Valentine's Day

At Joidart you will find signature contemporary jewelry with which you can capture and express your feelings. They are pieces designed out of the love we feel for craft, art and design; original pieces that embody delicateness, such as the Eclat collection, jewels with subtle hints of colour, such as the Alegria collection; and more unique pieces, like the pieces inspired by Joan Miró’s work.



Give jewelry as a gift for Valentine's Day

It might be a ring, some earrings, or a necklace that you choose as your amulet this Saint Valentine's Day. Whatever you choose, the most important ingredient will be present: love.



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