Oct. 30, 2018 · Creations

The circular geometry of the sun suspended in the sky. Clouds playing hide and seek with the wind. Trees. Meadows of autumnal grasses. More clouds. And suddenly, the rain. The landscape bathed in water. Droplets wherever you look. Pools of rain forming indentations on the earth. Jewellery sketched by nature. Perhaps that is what inspired artist Sara Domènech to create the new Pozza and Soleil collections. Sara Domènech is a sculptor. She has a talent for channelling the beauty of the landscapes she sees around her into the jewellery collections she creates, capturing that beauty with a very special volumetric sense and her own unique signature style. Sara has designed the Pozza and Soleil collections for the Joid'art AW18 season. Both are inspired by nature and interpret it in very different ways.
Pozza describes "the way in which pools of rain form their own silhouette." Sara traces the irregular outlines of these pools, linking them together to create a stunning range of bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Their organic lines, both striking and unpredictable. The collection is completed by a maxi ring that positively steals the show when worn on your index finger.
Soleil captures "the light of the radiant star that shines down on us from the heavens", and transforms it into a set of circular discs that form sculptural pieces with a highly unique character. Earrings and rings that showcase stunning, innovative geometry. And necklaces and bracelets that are both subtle and creative. Soleil is light. All the pieces in the range are available in matte silver as well as matte gold-plated metal. Pick out the one for you by visiting one of our Joid'art high street stores or joidart.com. ... Sara Domènech is a sculptor. A Fine Arts graduate from the University of Barcelona, she studied art at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht school in Holland and has been collaborating with the Joid’art creative team since 2001. She won the Eclat de Mode Paris Award for her Ingrid and Glit collections; and the Bijorhca Paris Jewellery and Fashion Award for her Lunea collection, all designed for Joid’art. She was also a finalist for the Enjoia’t 06 FAD Award.


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