May. 02, 2017 · We like artists

Sara Maese is one of those people who exude a special kind of energy. Originally from Ceuta and having spent some time in the Netherlands, she has now returned to her roots to continue printing her illustrated universe of joyful characters on an array of products, from postcards to motorcycle helmets, notepads... and, now, the With numerous projects on the go and an army of almost 20K Instagram followers, Sara is making a name for herself in the world of illustration. Her fresh style transmits a spirit of joy and good humour. In this interview we find out more about the little girl inside her.
Tenacious, responsible and calm.
The truth is that it wasn't something I had ever seriously considered. Illustration is something I always liked doing, but I actually decided to become a graphic designer; I thought that I had more talent for that than as an illustrator. It happened that, while I was studying graphic design and thanks to the tools they gave us during the course, I realised that maybe I was more suited to it than I had thought and I opted to try to move in that direction. Can you summarise your artistic journey for us? Well, I haven't been working in the world of illustration for very long, it's only been a year and a few months, although I had done a few bits before. The first big opportunity I had was thanks to Charuca, then I joined the Monday2Friday agency that represents me and, since then, I have gradually been getting more and more interesting collaborations and projects. I guess it's something that would be easier to describe in a few years' time because it's all so new right now. Fresh, cheerful, organic and colourful. The things I like and day-to-day life. In terms of paid jobs, I suppose I would probably choose the work I did for Charuca because it was my first and because it was a great opportunity to see my illustrations on something physical for the first time. And if we're talking about personal projects it would, undoubtedly, be my summertime patterns. That was the first one I did and one of those that I still feel totally happy with and like to see. What made you decide to collaborate with Joid'art To begin with, I really liked the fact that it was a brand that makes all its pieces by hand because supporting Spanish brands that create their own products is something that is very important to me, but I also loved the idea of being able to bring certain elements of my drawings to life in a range of jewellery for girls.
I made some initial sketches once I had the brief and, after that, I went on to build the characters, arrangements and then focused on the patterns and, once it was all ready, I put together the respective packaging for each line along with the map that would go with the various pieces of jewellery. What do you like to do when you're not drawing I usually read, watch a series or movie, go out with my friends for a walk, for dinner or to hunt Pokémon, stay home with my cats and play video games. I suppose it would be very interesting to see my illustrations on some kind of food or beauty product. I really like beach elements, even though I'm not a summer or beach person, so anything tropical or beach-related would be great. Although I don't use it much in my drawings, green. The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai and The Garden of Earthly Delights by Bosch. The Lake Jumper, I think. I really like the colour palette that was used on that one. I like the Garland earrings, they suit my style. I don't usually wear big pieces of jewellery so I think that collection would be perfect for me. Also, I like the idea of combining basic, simple earrings with other more eye-catching ones, it's very original.


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