Dec. 09, 2013 · Joidart

On Saturday that inspired the Joid'art Collection by Conrad Roset. We kept him busy all day long! The launch of the five-piece Joid'art Collection by Conrad Roset sparked off huge expectation and naturally the same thing happened with the signing of the prints that accompany each set of earrings. We announced it several days ago and a lot of people waited until that date to buy their earrings, meet Conrad Roset in person and take away their signed Muse. Patient, good-natured and never losing his smile, Conrad signed print after print. He made sure he met everyone who came along and proved that he is an artist in every sense of the word. Thanks to all of you who came along. And thank you, too, Conrad, for your brilliance and accessibility! If you weren’t able to visit the store on Saturday you still have a chance to get a Muse signed by Conrad Roset by entering for the competition we’ve organized on Facebook.

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