Dec. 20, 2012 · Style

The great confectioners find Christmas a good opportunity to deploy all their creativity, reflected in traditional nougat-like with its infinite combinations of tastes and results that surprise the sweetest tooth. The list of confectioners presenting their personal creations every year is a long one: Oriol Balaguer, Christian Escribà, Enric Rovira, Claudi Uñó, Pastisseria Sallés...  
Although it is a traditional product, every year innovations in this typical Christmas sweet appear on the market, introducing new ingredients: truffle, toasted corn, boletus mushrooms, tropical fruits, forest fruits, crunchy lemon and pepper... And evolutions of the product also appear, such as mini-tubes, small versions or tastes of torrón, presented in delicate boxes which also make a unique present. This Christmas, have a taste of these small, ephemeral works of art, irresistible to the tastebuds.

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