The actress Roser Tapias reflects on her career and her relationship with the sea and jewellery

May. 17, 2022 · Joidart


An absolute devotion to the world of art, a special relationship with the Mediterranean and a strong belief in the sentimental value of jewelry, bind Roser Tapias to Joidart. In this interview, the Catalan actress, who has been the face of our latest campaigns, touches on all the threads -art, sea, inheritance- that define her as an actor and a person.


But acting is not the only thing binding her to the art world...

Not a day goes by without Roser Tapias asking why she made acting her world, or whether it is worth continuing. Perhaps the answer lies with the Roser of a few years ago, who as a young girl watched dramas with her grandmothers, and dreamed of stepping onto the other side of the screen to experience what the characters were living. “Of all the characters I have played, something always stays with me”, explains Roser. Although she confesses that acting is a world in which there are always more game rules to learn, the years and maturity seem to have led her to a moment of fulfilment: “it has made me place my job where it should be. That was always my goal: to remove the façade and stay with the essence”. When talking about her upcoming projects, she talks excitedly about a script she has written. But acting is not the only thing binding her to the art world: music is also a part of her. Roser has played the piano “since as far back as I remember”, and she even tried the sax when she was a teenager. She tells us that she even created a Catalan rumba band and played in legendary venues in her native Barcelona, such as Apolo and Razzmatazz. “I couldn’t live without music…”.

“La última nit del karaoke” de TV3
Photo: @lluistudela
Roser en la playa y Joidart
Roser Tapias y Joidart


The magic of the Mediterranean, the same magic that inspires us when designing Joidart jewellery, has captured Roser Tapias. It is precisely when she is gazing out to the horizon that she feels most grounded in herself. She has cultivated this passion and admiration since she was young, thanks to her father. “The Mediterranean for me is the dancing of waves under my feet, dangling from the deck of the Drac, a small sailing boat we had in Garraf”. Sailing along the Catalan coast, dropping the anchor out in the open sea…

The Mediterranean and Joidart


“The queens of my jewellery box”

When we ask her about her relationship with jewellery, it doesn’t take her long to say the word ‘emotional’. Like so many grandmothers, hers also snuck her some of her most cherished jewellery items, as if they were tiny treasures. “I was so proud going home with them”, Roser explains. She also has a beautiful inheritance, which Roser defines as “the queens of my jewellery box”. In her daily life she wears a pendant with a rose, in honour of her name, some gold hoops and, sometimes, a ring. The artist has a preference for small and delicate jewellery, and prefers gold to silver.

Roser Tapias and family
Roser Tapias and Joidart


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