The art of making jewelry: jewelry as an artistic expression

May. 16, 2023 · Joidart


Jewelry as we understand it at Joidart, goes far beyond the creation of small and delicate pieces of jewelry. Centuries ago, in Ancient Greece, jewelry was conceived as a culturally and socially important form of artistic expression, and that is how we understand it and revere it at Joidart: as the art of making jewelry.


Jewelry as an artistic expression

As occurs with works of art, jewelry is also a way of expressing the creativity, individuality, and personality of the person who designs it and wears it. In the process, we see how an idea transforms into a special form imbued with meaning. A piece of jewelry can tell a story or transmit a message, evoke emotions and feelings, or transport you to another place, all thanks to the dedication and passion that the jeweler or artist invests in each piece. That is why, like with all works of art, the choice of the precious materials, the shapes, the decorative elements… take on a special meaning and a mission that goes far beyond merely providing the piece of jewelry with a certain aesthetic.



The art of making jewelry at Joidart 

At Joidart, jewelry has always been conceived as a way of creating art, since Jaume Julià’s brought the company to life in 1981. His vision has been present since the beginning: to make jewelry an artistic expression. To do so, the first collections took shape with the help of artists and teachers linked to the Escola Massana, one of Barcelona’s leading art and design centres. This essence that defined the DNA of the hallmark at the beginning, has only grown and evolved over the years. 



The artistic essence is so deeply rooted, that the design of our jewelry could not stay within the walls of our workshop in the Costa Brava. We have built close ties with artists from different disciplines, through collaborations with renowned artists of the caliber of Manuel Outumuro and Conrad Rosed; but also with brilliant local artists such as Carla Cascales Alimbau, Sara Domènech and Marta Alonso, to mention just a few. Their inspiration, their references and the unique and personal style adds an artistic touch to each of our pieces of jewelry, turning them into small and unique works of art. It is a very special work in which both parts, the design team and the artist, work hand in hand throughout the entire process, from looking for inspiration and developing the design to the end of the creation process of each piece. The discussions, the shared references, the own visions, make each collaboration an enriching moment as jewelers and, above all, imbue our pieces with value.



We also seek artistic inspiration outside of the workshop and we focus all of our attention and our five senses on the work and legacy of the great geniuses of the history of art, whose work marked us in a special way and inspires us, such as Joan Miró and Antoni Gaudí. Capturing their essence and transforming it into jewelry designed to be worn, lived, shown, inherited… is a way of continuing with the vision of our origins.



Jewelry from the Mediterranean

In our constant quest for inspiration to design our collections of handmade jewelry, in the Mediterranean we find an endless source of references, textures, colors, and scents that we capture and transform into small pieces of art made into jewelry. The shapes of the olive trees, the blue hue of the sea, the warm tones of the sun, the shapes of the waves… are present in our artistic collections of jewelry such as RALL, MINIMA and ARENA.  

When you wear your Joidart jewelry, remember that you are wearing a small piece of art that was created with the love and passion of artists and jewelers.



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