May. 26, 2016 · We like artists

Sabrina Arnault a French illustrator who draws mostly women. She eschews stereotypes and depicts women who are free, independent and sure of themselves in dynamic poses: having a coffee, cycling or reclining, exhausted, in an armchair. We like what she depicts and the way she depicts it. We like her clean, bold style and the type of women she sketches. If they were flesh and blood they'd no doubt have a Joid'art creation amongst their favourite jewellery. Now we want to know whether Sabrina has one too. [Interview content]
We interviewed her to find out and she was only too happy to answer our questions. Clearly and succinctly. No beating about the bush. Direct, as she is herself. Sabrina, define yourself in three words. Curious, unassuming and hard-working. Tell us a bit about yourself. I'm French and I've lived in Spain for seven years. I work as a freelance illustrator. Most of my clients are international. My illustration projects are for all kinds of sectors. When did you start illustrating? I always wanted to be an illustrator. When I finished my studies in graphic design in France, I worked as a graphic designer in fashion in Spain and Canada. Meanwhile, I worked on freelance illustration projects. Over the years I learned a lot through this experience but I needed to experiment more and develop my own style. Finally, I decided to go into illustrating full time, it's where I'm most comfortable. What steps do you follow when doing an illustration? When it's a commission, I start with a mood board, using all kinds of things for inspiration. Then I do sketches as ideas occur to me. When I find the best idea, I draw it again more precisely and convert it to digital format. The final stage involves adding the last few details and colouring. For personal projects I follow roughly the same process but the ideas are more spontaneous. Which projects do you like most, of all those you've worked on? One of the most enjoyable was developing the illustrations for the new toy collection for Fanny & Alexander. I was given a lot of freedom and I love the brand philosophy. Your work features mostly women. How would you describe them? What jewellery do they wear? For me they're independent and elegant, in their own way. They don't need to wear a dress to feel feminine. They'd wear simple, minimalist jewellery. What other artists inspire you? My source of inspiration is everything around me. I look out for all kinds of details, from a combination of colours to the cut of a dress. A mood Excited. A time Early in the morning. A girl's name Jana. A work of art I love Viviane Sassen's work. What are your favourite pieces of Joid'art jewellery? Why? I really like the gold earrings in the Figura collection. They have a hint of organic in their form which is very interesting. And I think Eloise is brilliant; the shades of blue and green are really inspiring.


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