Dec. 12, 2013 · Barcelona

The PLOM Gallery is a small contemporary art gallery aimed at children. It recently opened on Séneca street 31 in Barcelona and looks sure to be a success. This initiative from Martha Zimmerman came about with the aim of arousing children’s interest in the world of art from the perspective of its use as a tool for education and development. In the PLOM Gallery you’ll find original and limited series of contemporary paintings and illustrations. And of course you can also buy pieces for children to start them off on their first art collection. The works are delivered with a certificate of authenticity in the name of its young collector, making them the official owners of the work in question. Apart from the playful aspect of this idea, the aim is to create an emotional bond between the child and the art, teaching them how to appreciate it and enhancing their comprehension. The first exhibition held in the gallery was entitled "The Superpowers of Art" and featured characters by artists such as Sergio Mora, Brosmind, MIJU Lee and Amaia Arrazola. Here at Joid'art we’re fascinated by the initiative. We totally agree with getting children more involved in contemporary art, whether this is through graphic artworks or jewellery. If you ever happen to be near Séneca street, a visit to the PLOM Gallery is an absolute must.

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