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As if blown in on the wind, , the influencer, architect, interior designer and fashion blog creator, who offers us a glimpse into her creative soul in an informal interview which mirrors her natural approach. [Interview content] The forms reflected in the , , and of the Tramuntana collection are inspired by 'the dance of the wind across an infinite ocean of waves'.The sun-drenched, blustery seashore is Inma's source of creative inspiration and the place where she feels most at home.
The undulating patterns sketched by the wind on the waves sparked the idea for this collection that is an ode to spontaneity, effortlessness and freedom.
Tramuntana, with its inherent hint of sophistication, is the for the coming season of . The collection is available in both polished silver and matte gold-plated metal. What does the collection evoke for the person who created it? All will be revealed in our interview with her. What does it evoke for you? Check it out in our Joid'art stores and online at
Impulsive, restless and natural. Architecture has always been my calling; restoration and interior design in particular. I studied Building Engineering and when I finished my degree I started working in the area of sustainable architecture. I was mainly based in Romania and spent several months in England, Germany and Italy. When the economic crisis hit, I had to look for a change of direction in terms of career and I started blogging as a hobby while I continued working on architectural projects, but I have gradually been carving out a small corner for myself in the world of advertising. Actually it doesn't mean anything. When I started the blog, I was just doing it for myself, without thinking that anyone else was going to see it and I wanted a name that was a bit different, so I went onto Google and started typing words, letters... until Google said 'no matches found', and that's how Coohuco came about, it seemed like something original. I still like the name, despite the fact that a lot of people aren't quite sure how to pronounce it. For me it's all about creativity. It is a form of expression, of showing how you define yourself and in which area you feel at home, and the point of connection in my case is photography, I love pairing up locations and clothes. I'm very natural, I don't like things that are overdone. I like to follow trends but I always bring them back to my own territory. I always try to hold onto the essence of 'me'.
To be honest, nowhere specific. I follow other women on social media—my favourites right now are Leandra Medine, Patricia Manfield and Lucy Williams. I also look at fashion magazines but I love discovering new places, markets, pop-ups, going to mini rock and indie music concerts... where street style is key and that's what attracts my attention. It has its own personality. They are pieces that are irregular in the way they sit against the body. They are not governed by the forms we are used to seeing, and I love that.
To be honest it's a very versatile collection. The pieces go perfectly with your everyday basics, as well as more dressy looks, but if I had to choose one, I would go for a silk midi dress worn with an oversize wool jumper.
My aim, rather than showing a piece of jewellery, was to play with sensations, so I looked for comfortable but feminine looks and natural settings, where I feel at home. It's a natural collection, free from the constraints of perfectionism, reflecting the organic forms of the sea, of nature. I love the simplicity of the pieces as well as their eye-catching forms. Lots of things! I like to get the most out of every moment, being with my friends, which accounts for almost 80% of my time. I also travel. I try to get away for a few days once a month, that's something I enjoy a lot. On a day-to-day basis, I also take time to exercise, I'm very into surfing and yoga at the moment, although for chilling at home my perfect plan would be going out onto my terrace and losing myself in a good book.
Jeans. I feel a strong affinity with Norwegian design, the concept of restoring the old, but always looking to create open, airy spaces, with light colours, using natural materials, such as wood, cotton or linen. I like dynamic spaces, minimalist architecture would not be one of them. A chair. I have a particular obsession with chairs. The Alhambra. I love its architecture that is so studied, simple and logical at the same time as being so impressive, and the way they have managed to integrate it into the landscape, making it an implicit part of this work of art.
I love the Arp collection; that's another one that really speaks to me.


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