Aug. 31, 2021 · Joidart


Speaking poetically, we'd like to say that we capture the art of Mediterranean nature in creations of minimalist and timeless design. We are sea, air and light. We are also many other things that perhaps we have never explained before...



It all began in 1981, when the entrepreneurial spirit of Jaume Julià drove him to convert a small gold and silversmith's workshop in a small rural village near the Costa Brava into a contemporary jewelry company. The artistic heritage of these lands bathed by the Mediterranean influenced the brand, giving it a clear link with art. Creators from the Escola Massana in Barcelona and different jewelers collaborated in the design of the very first collections to achieve aesthetically pure jewelry with character. The brand's image was also a differentiating factor.



Gradually, the success of Joidart's creations crossed borders as the brand reached women all over the world. The growth of the company was based on a commitment to design and new technologies, with Cristina Julià, the brand's creative director, and Mariona Julià, sales director, at the helm. We have evolved, but we are still a family business that creates artistic jewelry together with artists and jewelers with ties to our land and our sea: Conrad Rosset, Maria Diamantes and Coohuco, along with emerging talents such as Carla Cascales, Montse Basora, Clara Niubó and Sara Domènech, have captured their art in our pieces.



We work to transmit to the world the Mediterranean creativity that has produced outstanding plastic art geniuses the likes of Miró and Gaudí. The collections inspired by their works express themselves through an artistic language that is already universal. We make our jewelry conscientiously and locally, through artisanal processes that are environmentally friendly. From our workshop amidst nature, we work calmly, allowing the jewelry the time it needs to become small pieces of art.





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