Dec. 07, 2016 · Joidart

Close your eyes and make a wish. So easy and so difficult. So magical and so real. An instant in which everything is possible, because Christmas dreams are limitless. Wanting. Hoping. Feeling we'd like something to happen. We'd love it! Wishing for it with all your heart. And, suddenly, there's a shooting star... Wishing for silence. Wishing for fresh air. Wishing for grass under your feet. Endless hugs. Sweet dreams. Radiant awakenings. Scents of childhood. Shared moments. Big projects. Small indulgences. Wishing for a piece of jewellery. Or two. Or many. Buying them as gifts. Suggesting them. Projecting our emotions onto them.
Finding that Joid'art puts wishes in golden wrapping. And in unique boxes, with unique labels that can be customised with any message, depending on the inspiration and sentiment. Feeling they contain more than just jewellery: sensitive material that arouses emotions. In Joid'art stores and on Until 6 January.

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