Nov. 11, 2013 · Barcelona

Vostok Printing Shop is a Barcelona workshop that specializes in all kinds of products that can be hand-printed. Its doors are open to anyone who wants to come and reproduce their artwork as a lithograph, screen-print, linoleum or any other contemporary printing system. Although it’s the ideal place for artists, graphic artists and illustrators, amateur printers are also very welcome to come along and get advice. Whether you want to start up your own mini printing system at home, create a personal stamp for your paperwork or print your T-shirts, Vostok has everything you might need. And they don’t just sell you the products but also explain how to use them. It’s well worth paying them a visit even if it’s just to take a look at the wooden display unit and shelves packed with gorgeous articles. Another great thing about Vostok is that you can try out what you want to buy in the shop so you know exactly how to use it later on. And if you find that you really enjoy printing, you can sign up for one of the workshops they organize, given by expert professionals in each particular technique. At Joid’art we’re even thinking about signing up ourselves… we just love anything to do with handicrafts, design and contemporary fashions. Printed bags by Joid’art? Why not?! You’ll find them in the La Ribera district of Barcelona at Calle Portal Nou, 31. Go and visit them, get printing and enjoy!

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