Dec. 27, 2012 · Barcelona

The MIBA (Barcelona Museum of Ideas and Inventions) began as a project by the prestigious inventor and writer Pep Torres. It is a pioneering museum with a very ambitious long-term aim: to incentivise creativity and put all its visitors’ ideas into practice. A walk through the MIBA is a stimulating experience, inviting you to react and bringing out the creativity inside you. The permanent collection and selection of ideas and inventions is complemented with the ‘Labs’ for applying the creative knowledge and inspiration awakened by the museum. Inventions for reflection, inventions for making you laugh, absurd inventions, inventions from anywhere on the planet... The MIBA is a place not be missed for staying up to date with the latest in trends, inventions and creation. In line with the spirit of the project, the museum does not display historic inventions, such as the first lightbulb. There is only room for works and ideas by the most innovative, enterprising members of the public. A project of this standard demanded an excellent location. The MIBA is a few metres away from Plaça Sant Jaume in Barcelona, one of the most central, tourist areas. Here are some of the inventions you can find there:

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