Oct. 15, 2018 · Joidart

The orbit of her thighs. The arch of her back. The sphere of her hips. The ellipse of her breasts. The constant wave of fluttering lashes... Women's voluptuous curves have inspired designer Cristina Julià to create her new . A boundless ode to femininity. In ancient times, depictions of Venus, which were believed to be linked to fertility, emphasised each and every one of this deity's curves and were worshipped like lucky charms. Today, artists like Cristina Julià are still fascinated by the magic these curves possess and reinterpret them through their art. The Muse pieces encapsulate feminine lines and transforms them into creations that conform to a woman's body with wondrous ease. The Muse , , and main feature is the rounded, seed-shaped pendant that finishes each like an organic pendulum.
You will love it: whether in pendant form or as a , the Muse necklaces play with different lengths and can be worn in different ways depending on your outfit or the look you're going for. The can be worn long, or you can wrap it around two or three times, or even more. You decide. All of the in the collection is available in polished silver and gold-plated matte silver. You can find them in Joid'art stores and online at ··· Cristina Julià is an artist and graphic designer. Family tradition is what bonds her and Joid’art. She studied Fine Arts (UAB) and Graphic Design (EINA). Her experience in the creative field was forged by working at different graphic design and branding agencies in Barcelona; in the development of her personal artistic projects; and in what has been her main activity in recent years: creative brand management.

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