Aug. 11, 2016 · Creations

Completely honest and somewhat mysterious. Naturally sophisticated. Lover of simple things. Sometimes exaggerates. Daring but sensible. Seriously fun. Able to create balanced contrasts. A whirlwind of ideas. Imperfect Unique. Contradictory. Mariela is you. The new creations from Joid'art for autumn–winter 2016 are as contradictory as Mariela, the woman who inspired them. They grew from what she thinks, feels and expresses. Her ‘Yes, but maybes’. Her endless moments. Her surprising normality. Her details that change everything. Her ends with no beginning. Her shadows with light. They take the force of her personality and capture it jewellery with unexpected lines. Artfully interpreted contemporary pieces. Sculptural volumes in matte silver and gold-plated gold metal. Asymmetrical shapes. Divergent profiles. Their creators are from diverse artistic backgrounds, but share the same aesthetic passion. They have sketched every piece with sure, decisive strokes. Enjoying their irregular essence. Bringing to life organic designs that mix with shapes with cubist souls. Hand-crafted pieces by Joid’art silversmiths who polish them one by one, scratching surfaces and smoothing edges. So that none is uniform. And they all coexist, genuine, in the same cosmos. You can find them in the Joid'art stores and on

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