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The time is coming for warmer weather. For less clothes and more skin. For feeling good inside and showing it on the outside. For being comfortable in your own skin. For wearing , and combining it with our . So that everything touching your body caresses you. There are plenty of reasons why we like Organic Basics. Relaxing at home in comfortable t-shirts and socks is one of them, but we have lots more. This Copenhagen-based sustainable underwear brand creates basics in European factories with the utmost care. They use sustainable fabrics, mainly organic cotton, which is naturally grown and dyed by people who work in fair conditions.
The brand only uses production methods that respect the environment. What's more – and this is something we both love and share – they painstakingly create pieces that boast long-lasting quality. Their Scandinavian designs are characterized by their timelessness. They work with basic colors, simple lines and seasonless collections. What is comfortable and beautiful today will continue being so tomorrow and for a long time to come. We have combined their pieces and our minimalistic , , and to create an emotional collage, and the experience has been seamless. Our concepts of beauty are in harmony with one another – underwear and jewelry transmitting the same serenity and innate femininity. Find your underwear at Our jewelry at and in stores.

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