Nov. 02, 2017 · Creations

The Puntillista collection charmed thousands of women a while back. And as beauty is always latent, Carme Fábregas has reinterpreted its pointillism-inspired forms, adding the light of gold metal. She has called it Puntillista Golden and it promises to be as popular, if not more than its predecessor. Carme Fàbregas defines the collection as ‘the luminous vibration composed by dots of colour on the surface’. The rough surface of the earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces of Puntillista Golden, made from gold-plated gold metal makes the coloured dots twinkle when the wearer moves, making each piece a canvas loaded with significance. Something akin to what happens when you look at a pointillism painting by Seurat, Signac or Luce, when the dots merge optically and the whole produces a far greater intensity of colour than can be achieved with a mixture of pigments. Joid’art's master craftsmen shape this collection using the lost wax casting technique and add colour by hand to each dot with cold enamel in greens, blues, magenta and ochres.
Now available in our stores and on joidart.com. --- Carme Fàbregas is a jeweller and gemmologist. She studied jewellery at the Escola Massana Art and Design Centre, Barcelona’s Escuela Industrial and the Goldschmiedeschule in Germany, where she first became involved in the world of cutting precious stones. Since 2007 she has been lecturing on jewellery and precious stone cutting at various jewellery schools. She has been collaborating with Joid’art since 2005, embodying her love of nature and textures in the different collections. She also produces her own range of jewellery.

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