Nov. 18, 2013 · Style

Rosa Vila d'Abadal and Jordi Marcet are the creative duo behind the Terracroma group along with Carme Collell. We love their work, which is fascinating and very close to our own aesthetic. Jordi and Rosa are two highly-skilled artisan ceramicists who form an indivisible working tandem. Their sculptures, which they always design and create together in Sant Joan de Galí (Osona), can be found in museums and collections all over the world. A few months ago they exhibited in La Bisbal and Joid'art went to get an up-close look at their work. It was a wonderful experience! There are many reasons why we love their work, but the main one is that it continues the Mediterranean tradition of hand-decorated ceramics. They use a genuine language which exudes a definite graphic design influence. By combining these elements, they forge a universe of characters and geometric elements which allow them to tell stories through their ceramics. They usually work with stoneware and, based on a pattern of tiny geometric pieces, use it to completely cover the surface of bowls, dishes, plates, sculptures and daises. These optimistic creations have a contagiously positive effect whenever you look at them.

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