Aug. 16, 2018 · Joid'art

Summer days like these spark a desire to paint life in a thousand vivid colours. Get up in blue, walk in green, love in red, dance in turquoise, dream in fuchsia. Express yourself in pigments. Surround yourself with chromatic sensations. And adorn yourself with colourful enamel pieces of jewellery, like the ones we handcraft with such care and attention in our Joid'art workshop. Our theory of colour is based on sensitivity. The artists who design the jewellery select each shade following a process that is half sensorial, half trend analysis. And once the colours have been decided, the craftsmen in our workshop enamel each piece by hand using a combination of two techniques determined by each collection.
Our fire enamels are forged following ancestral processes using glass-based powders that acquire their colour when fired. Our cold enamels are based on a two-part resin that is applied directly to each piece. Both techniques are done completely by hand and demand the utmost level of attention and skill from the enamellers that produce them. They are formed directly on the piece  and mistakes can prove irreversible. That's why our craftsmen take so much care and attention over their work in a process almost like giving new life to each piece as, once enamelled, no two are the same.
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