Jul. 20, 2016 · Joid'art

Not long to go now before the Mariela’s contradictions campaign is launched. We can't wait! But as there's still a while to go and we just couldn't wait, we decided to put out a making-of of the shoot, along with a short report on our feelings. To help you get a sense of who Mariela is, how we recreated her environment and who was behind the scenes. A blank space. Paper shapes on the wall. Model, Jip Boxstrat, is in the expert hands of make-up artist Alizia Moreno. Eyes, lips, just the right shading, hair loose. Joid'art creative director, Cristina Julià and photographer Mirea Grau talk about framing shots and do light tests. The photos must transmit magnetism. Simplicity with strength. Stylist Jaume Vidiella selects the Menchén Tomás clothes that best match each item of jewellery and each colour background. Every creation inspires something! Valentina Kalaydjian, from the Joid'art design department, takes photos for the making-of; they'll be shared on social media. There's music in the background. Everyone's happy. A little nervous. Very excited. The model's ready. She stands before the camera as Mariela. Silence and a click! transforms everything. The photographer gets the best from her, captures her beauty, her aura and the essence of her contradictions. You'll soon see the results. Yeah, it really is that intense.
Creative copywriter Elisabet Baurier

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