Sep. 17, 2019 · Style

The Nordic Leaves is a clothing brand with which we share a passion for nature and the sea. Although their Nordic inspiration and our Mediterranean character might seem quite far apart, we share the same principles and esthetic awareness. This rapport has led to our jewelry being featured in the shoot for their latest campaign.


Everything by The Nordic Leaves is so tasteful and beautiful, we had no doubt about who we should count on to create the first fall outfits we were going to feature.

The Nordic Leaves go beyond their ecological plant-based materials. Their natural design passes through their garments to touch your skin and your heart. It's clothing for natural women, who feel part of nature and know that the materials mother nature gives us are the ones which care for us best.


Their collections are completely sustainable, manufactured locally and are developed in collaboration with social projects which certify the ecological quality of their garments and the well-being of all the people involved in their production.

Our creative team has combined their garments with our jewelry and it has been very easy to create the outfits. We love the next season ideas we've come up with! If you like them too, you can get them by buying the garments at and our jewelry, as you know, at

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