Feb. 04, 2020 · Creations

Cristina Julià, artist and creative director of Joidart, is passionate about the island of Menorca and all its natural treasures. The limestone quarries of s’Hostal, now restored by the Líthica Association, are full of labyrinths and architectural spaces sculpted from the living rock, which were the inspiration for her new SS20 jewelry collection, which she has named Arquitectura.

The design was based on a sequence of lines which, when laid next to each other like the vertical fissures in the rocks, result in jewelry that is both minimalist and full of character. Their pure shapes exude a captivating power and bring a creative touch to even the simplest of looks.

The range includes earrings that seem to move of their own accord, extra-long pendants, versatile rings and bracelets with unique compositions. These creations are hand-crafted by Joidart artisans in matte silver and 24 k gold-plated matte metal. Both options are perfect for reflecting the limpid light of those spring days that are just around the corner.

Arquitectura is on sale now in our online store. Take a closer look and marvel at all its nuances.

Cristina Julià is an artist and graphic designer with a family connection to Joidart. She studied Fine Arts (UAB) and Graphic Design (EINA), and her experience in the creative field was forged by working at different graphic design and branding agencies in Barcelona; developing her personal artistic projects; and engaging in what has been her main activity in recent years: creative brand management.


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