Bijoux d'automne-hiver

Sep. 26, 2022 · Style


Jewel trends for this autumn/winter 2022 season

September is back again with all the new starts it entails, and with it comes the time to prepare for the arrival of the warm and melancholic autumn. And why not say it: it is also time to make sure we are up to date with the fashion trends that will feature this autumn/winter 2022 season, especially the ones that are related to jewels. We have done our own research so that you don’t have to do any, and this is what we discovered:


Hoop earrings are staying another season

Hoop earrings are, of all the possible shapes an earring can have, the protagonists of the day. For a number of seasons, they have featured in all their versions: big, small, thin, thick, smooth, textured, curled… If you are a fan of hoop earrings, we have good news: they will continue with us this autumn/winter 2022. At Joidart you will find endless options: textured, small, with relief, with coloured details and irregular shapes. Click here and discover all the options.



Combining necklaces, the final formula

Why wear one when you can wear two or three? If you have also become keen on combining necklaces of different lengths, you are in luck, because this will continue to be another of the main jewellery trends. They don’t necessarily have to be from the same collection: try to combine slightly different styles and you’ll get it right! For example: the Golden Branca necklace with the Vas and the Medes; or the Euphorbia with the Eclat. If you want to go a step further, try to combine silver and gold as we suggest here. We love it!



Big bracelets revival

After several years taking a back seat, bracelets are quietly making a comeback against earrings and necklaces. The main ones you will see featuring will be the big, striking bracelets, such as the Vas bracelet, the Candy Moon and the Golden pointillist bracelet. Although if you prefer a slenderer style, you will love the Curves bracelet or the Lorna.


Shapes from nature

Shapes from nature continue to be a source of inspiration for the designers, as they were for our Exotica collection. This one is dominated by irregular shapes such as those of the leaves, one of the reference elements in the Portlligat collection, also inspired by nature.



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