Designer jewelry for brides

Mar. 10, 2023 · Style


When it is the bride’s big day, every last detail is precious: from the dress to the shoes and of course the jewelry. The jewelry does not only enhance the overall look, but it also gives the bride a special glow.



What jewelry should a bride wear?

Choosing the jewelry is as personal as choosing a dress: every bride has her own taste and style, and this is reflected in the pieces she wears and their features. While some brides choose a complete jewelry set, others choose to just wear earrings, or earrings and a necklace… The dress or suit also plays a key role, since depending on its outline and details, it will match better with certain pieces.



Bridal jewelry sets for different styles

Jewelry can be as unique and different as the bride wearing it. Minimalist, romantic, discrete or striking, with shiny pieces and stones, with gold or silver finishes… To help you to choose, we have prepared this selection from our Joidart collections:

When we think of bridal jewelry, we dream of the collections ArenaEclat and Arai. They have everything we imagine for a bridal jewelry set: they are pieces with character, sophisticated and elegant, which add an artistic touch to the look without taking away from the dress. Instead, they enhance it


Fine and discrete jewelry 

The design of the Arena collection is fine and simple, but the magic lies in the small colour crystals. These jewels remind us of that moment when, stroking the sand on the beach, you find tiny buried treasures.



Jewels with pearls

In Eclat, they are not crystals but pearls that make each jewel special. The result is a collection that draws light contours and emits sparks of light that make any bride shine.



Romantic jewelry

But stones and pearls are not everything: what makes the Arai collection so romantic and delicate is the simple interplay of volumes.



Minimalist jewelry

If, on the contrary, you are not looking for striking jewelry or jewels with special adornments, you can choose minimalist designs; an original style, which is less striking but just as elegant for your special day.

The jewels from the Lilia collection are light and distinguished pieces, with shapes reminiscent of delicate winter flowers, with their velvet petals and whimsical shapes. The design of the Umbrella collection, co-created by the artist and sculptor Sara Domènech, is also inspired by the shapes of nature, which is an integral part of Joidart’s DNA. In this case, a Mediterranean seaweed that inspired the artist when making these jewels that move like a tapestry of underwater vegetation.



On some occasions, earrings are all you need for your big day. We believe that the more special and expressive, the better. Our choice would be Exotica or Geoda.



Your wedding day will leave you with a collection of emotions, aromas, flavours and thousands of moments engraved in your memory, but also the tangible and intangible memory of the little art pieces made jewelry that transmitted your creative and artistic side, and that you will feel every time you touch it and wear it again.



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