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She came into our lives as Cristina in Polseres Vermelles (The Red Band Society), a series that has taken the world by storm. She has since been involved in other projects including films, series, theater, as well as trying her hand at acting and directing at the same time, which she considers to be her artistic calling. Coming from a line of three generations of actors, Joana Vilapuig is constantly experimenting with different kinds of performance. Whether in dance, song or music, she loves fusing the arts and relishes the opportunity to move between these disciplines.

She is young, vibrant and radiates the happiness of someone who intensely enjoys what they do. It has been a pleasure to interview her and discover, among other things, her relationship with jewelry.

Joana, describe yourself in three words.

Affectionate, independent and emotional.

Tell us a bit about your artistic career.

I started performing theater in Sabadell when I was very young as an after-school activity. It was my favorite day of the week! From there I went on to audition for The Red Band Society and after five rounds, they told me I'd got the part. That's when my life began to change! I was dovetailing my studies with acting jobs. As well as working on The Red Band Society, I also played small roles in Olor de colònia (The smell of cologne) and Palmeras en la nieve (Palm trees in the snow), and then moved onto the stage production of The Crucible in Madrid, where I appeared in a few scenes. Two years ago I was lucky enough to work on a personal project called El sitio de Otto (A Place for Otto), which I had written alongside three friends. Working on this film marked a real turning point in my career as an actor. This past June we finished our most recent project, Oh, mami!, which was staged at the Teatre Borràs in Barcelona.

When did you realize that you wanted to be an actor?

My sister was 10 and I was 13, and they cast her for the Catalan film Forever Young. I was able to follow her experience up close and it was then that I knew what I wanted to do with my life. Soon after I was lucky enough to appear in The Red Band Society and then one thing led to another... I combined these projects with workshops and acting classes which has helped me to grow professionally.

How do you prepare for roles and get into character?

The truth is I don't follow a specific method, but I always make sure I don't judge the character. Respecting them without bringing preconceived notions into the picture is a fundamental part of the process.

Who is your inspiration?

Nora Navas and Clara Segura are two actors I hold in very high esteem.

Aside from acting, are there any other artistic disciplines you like or are involved in?

I really enjoy dancing and also singing and music. All these disciplines are interconnected and when they come together, beautiful things happen. I love this kind of fusion!

What would you say has been the most special project you’ve worked on? And why?

I feel extremely lucky because I've been really happy with all the projects I've worked on. But I think my favorite project so far has been El sitio de Otto that I acted in and which was written by Iñaki Mur, Artur Busquets and Oriol Puig. Joining the scriptwriting team and being part of the technical work that goes on behind the camera was a really fascinating experience. This is the most special project I've worked on, it's our baby.

In The Red Band Society and the other productions you've worked on with your sister, Mireia, what has it been like to work together?

Working with Mireia has affected our relationship really positively. Acting has brought us much closer together! We support each other and better each other. Although she's slightly younger than me, we are almost like twins because we share everything: family, work, castings and agents.

What do you think of the costume and jewelry fittings for the productions you've worked on?

Costume fittings help me find out more about the character and be bolder in my interpretation of who they are. It's very interesting because through the clothes, jewelry and accessories chosen by the designers and stylists, you start to build a dialogue with certain aspects of the character's personality; it goes beyond just acting and helps to bring them into their own.

What type of jewelry do you like to wear?

I love earrings, especially hoops. Rings are lovely as well, but since when I'm rehearsing for dance and working I have to take them off so as not to lose them, I choose not to take it for not losing them. It's funny because my family owns the jewelers and watch shop, Borrell, in Sabadell, but I've never really been into jewelry and don't actually own that much.

What do you like to do when you are not working?

Go to the movies, read, dance and hang out with my friends. When I have a lot of work on, I get a bit left behind and need to catch up on the time I've spent away from my family and friends.

If you had to choose one film...?

Big Fish.

And a character?

June Osborne (The Handmaid's Tale).

How about an actor or actress?

Elisabeth Moss.

And a favorite stage?

El Lliure.

What are your favorite Joidart creations? And why?

I love the Contour collection. It's so simple and artistic at the same time! The earrings are really beautiful, but the bracelet has completely stolen my heart.


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