Jul. 24, 2019 · Joidart

We’re continuing our initiative to introduce members of the Joidart Team who would not normally appear on our social media or website, but who form a vital part of our brand, because it is through their work that our creations become not only a physical but also an emotional reality. Today we’ve brought together two members of the workshop team and a member of the communications team. Craftsmanship and creativity. Jewelry and words. Today it’s the turn of Aldara, Marta and Elisabet.

A corner of Les Guilleries workshop in the early morning. Aldara and Marta have already been at work for some time. Elisabet arrives having navigated the winding road that leads to the village. The sun is shining and the surroundings are lovely and green. The bubbling sound of the stream can be heard from the door of the workshop. Someone is singing inside. It’s not unusual for our jewelers to sing while they work. It’s lovely to hear, and shows that they are enjoying themselves.

Aldara and Marta are colleagues in the workshop. Aldara is responsible for polishing, finishing the pieces, and PUK welding. Marta specializes in creating satin matte and glossy finishes. Elisabet is responsible for managing the brand’s communications and generating all the written content. On an average day they would not come into contact, but they’re happy to share this special morning. They talk about their favorite Joidart creation, though “it’s difficult, there are so many!”

Valentina and Cristina have set up an improvised photo studio in a corner of the workshop. They invite the girls to pose for the camera. Together, the three of them are having a great time. It’s a chance to relax that brings them together in many ways. They laugh spontaneously. They feel comfortable in a role that none of them usually adopt. After the photo shoot, the girls answer a few questions.

Which is your favorite Joidart collection?
Aldara: - I’d go for the Alena. I really love the simplicity of the shapes.
Marta: - The collection I’ve always liked best is the Candy Colors. The colors are so vibrant.
Elisabet – The Mimbre collection it just brilliant in the way it transforms such an artisan material as wicker into something so sophisticated.

What do you like most about working at Joidart?
A: - That my job is compatible with looking after my kids.
M: - Even though I’ve seen it a thousand times, I’m still fascinated by the whole process of a piece of jewelry, from the wax casting in the kiln through to the burnished finish.
E: - That it offers me a creative outlet in communicating a product that I love – jewelry.

Define Joidart in one word.
A: - Design.
M: - Earth; because I always find elements of the earth in the designs. E: - Femininity.

 Your secret spot on the Mediterranean is...
A: - La Conca beach in Platja d’Aro.
M: - Cala Maria in L'Ampolla. Its red earth and the sense of peace and quiet are just amazing.
E: - Porto Kale, in the Peloponnese (Greece). It’s one of the most peaceful places I’ve ever been.

The photos convey the spirit of a very pleasant moment. They also show how natural it feels for them to wear their favorite Joidart creations – Alena, Candy Colors and Mimbre – which are all available from stores and our online shop.


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