May. 07, 2019 · Joidart

Normally we show you how the artists who collaborate with us see Joidart. This time we’re changing our focus and looking inwards. We want you to meet the team behind our jewelry collections – lively and determined women whose hard work keeps Joidart on track. These women are a key part of our brand. They understand it, “suffer” for it and love it like no-one else. Who better than them to introduce you to the Joidart team? The first to accept the challenge are Assun and Marta.

Head offices at Santa Coloma de Farners. The whole team is immersed in a whirlwind of work. The prototypes of some new pieces have arrived from the workshop. A mountain of orders is about to be shipped. Assun is talking to a customer on the phone. Marta is concentrating on a special offer for the online store. Spring light comes in through the meeting room window. Someone’s preparing a mint tea in the kitchen and the fragrance imbues every space. It’s just another morning! Or perhaps this one’s a little different…

Designer and photographer Valentina suggests taking some shots of Assun and Marta with their favorite Joidart creations. “We’re not models, you know!” is their reply. No need! Assun is in charge of our customer services and human resources, while Marta works as an assistant in the e-commerce department. There’s absolutely no hesitation when it comes to choosing their favorite collection; both pose with their chosen object and explain how they see our brand and how our creations make them feel. A spontaneous, sincere response. Brief yet heartfelt.

Which is your favorite Joidart collection?

Assun: -My favorite one is Constellation because it’s simple and elegant.

Marta: -I prefer Alena, I love the simplicity of its geometric shapes and the fact that it adds a stylish touch to any look.

What do you like most about working at Joidart?

A: -Without a doubt, the best thing about working at Joidart is the team spirit!

M: -For me, the best thing is that my job at Joidart lets me learn something new every day, especially with regard to my particular field, the online store, which is constantly evolving.

Define Joidart in one word.

A: -Design.

M: -Nature.

Where is your secret corner of the Mediterranean?

A: -Mine is Cala Boadella in Lloret.

M: -And mine is the cove of Aiguablava in Begur.

Now you know a little more about them, and therefore, about us too. You’ve also learnt about two Mediterranean hideaways to be discovered and two jewelry collections – Alena and Constellation – seen from a new point of view. Remember that you can find them in our online store as well as on the high street.


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