Oct. 01, 2019 · Joidart


The Joidart Team is mainly made up of women who love jewelry, experience the new collections enthusiastically and, even if they're not part of the design team, feel like the creations launched each season are their own. Their work and involvement make Joidart what it is.

Here we're putting the spotlight on the people behind Joidart's marketing, finances and exports. We’ve brought together sales, numbers and international markets. Three women together in a role they seldom play: model. They are Marta, Sandra and Esther.

Marta is the marketing manager. Among other things, she coordinates the design and communication department and the commercial area. Sandra is part of the financial and accounting department. She helps make sure all the numbers add up. Esther is head of exports, managing the brand's international markets.


Instead of their offices, they're in the conference room of the Joidart headquarters in Santa Coloma de Farners (Girona), today converted into our temporary set. Marta and Esther are putting on their favorite jewelry in front of the mirror. Sandra comes in, a little nervous, rearranging her hair. Valentina and Cristina, the photographer and creative director, are testing the lights.

There's fresh fruit and juice for everyone. Having something to eat helps make sure things go smoothly. In the distance, we can vaguely hear the sound of the office phones and the constant in-and-out of the couriers. We close the door. They let fly a few giggles and the camera starts to click away. To take away the tension, between photos, we ask them questions about themselves and the brand.

Which is your favorite Joidart collection?

Marta: - Every season I fall in love with pieces which are often from completely different collections, but if I had to choose one of our current collections, it'd be Olivia. Interpreting one of nature's fruits in such a representative way using jewelry, and making it wearable and elegant - it's fascinating!

Sandra: - Oof! I like loads of them! Right now, I think I'd choose Pletorica and Candy Colors (one of the brand's classic collections, I love it). Their shapes, their colors and the style they add to your look when you wear them is really special and, at the same time, they give it a touch of modernity.

Esther: - One of the one's I like is Olivia. I find it so feminine and delicate. I've always dreamed of having a house with a vineyard and olive trees, so maybe that's part of my yearning for the Mediterranean.


What do you like most about working at Joidart?

M: - Working in my specialization, analyzing data, with a designer product and surrounded by such a creative team.

S: - Being able to work in a job I like and share my day-to-day with colleagues I get on with.

E: - The team. Joidart is made up of a team of people who can make you smile no matter what's going on.


Define Joidart in one word.

M: - Creativity.

S: - Life, because when you put on the jewelry you feel alive, you feel like a woman and you feel complete as a person.

E: - Femininity.

Your secret spot in the Mediterranean is...

M: - The Camí de Ronda footpath between S’Agaró and Sa Conca.

S: - Palamós, I love its coves and beaches.

E: - La Platgeta, in Calella de Palafrugell.

The photo shoot has been fun. Everyone's had a nice time and it's all gone smoothly, because both the models and the creatives know each other well. They chose the jewelry they're modeling themselves, and that's exactly why they are so comfortable wearing them. If you want to wear them too, just search for them in our online store and in stores.


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