Montse Basora. The artist behind the Hana collection

Jun. 10, 2021 · Creations

Hana, is the new collection that Joidart has co-created with the artist and jeweler Montse Basora. Here is the interview that delves into his inspiration and his creative process.

Montse, define yourself in three words.

I consider myself a restless, self-demanding, and honest person with what I do.

Tell us a little about your professional career.

Despite my interest in the manual arts I decided to graduate in optics. For years I worked in this sector combining work with sculpture studies at the University of Fine Arts of Barcelona. Time passes and the need to create, to build, to do things with my hands is still present, so I decide to change course. That's when I did a course at the jewelers' guild in Barcelona and another at La Massana where I met the group of Joyas Sensacionales of which I was a part for years. I combine the creation of unique pieces that I exhibit in galleries with other ones which are more reproducible and which I sell in several stores. I currently have my own workshop in Barcelona where I design and sell my own creations.

When was your vocation as a jeweler born?

I think it had always been latent. I remember when I was very young I made collections of clay shoes so tiny that I kept them in match boxes. Surely I already had some fondness for working on a small scale.

What connection do you have with the city of Barcelona?

I was born, studied and worked in Barcelona. This city is part of who I am. Its architecture, modernism, urban design, cultural offer, sea have defined me.

How do you prepare the concept of each collection?

To find the concept, I check my files and notebooks where I draw, write down ideas, sentences, where I store everything that interests me or surprises me and I look for connections between them. Then I wrap myself in various materials, scraps of metal, wood, cardboard and start playing in a more intuitive way until something comes up that excites me.

What inspires you?

I am especially interested in architecture, art, nature, industrial design, but inspiration often arises by observing details of everyday objects, lace, mechanisms, finishes, shapes, materials...

What jewelry do you like to wear?

I always wear earrings, but, in general, the jewelry I like to wear doesn’t shine, doesn’t follow trends, doesn’t have to be the protagonists. The choice of jewelry will depend on the occasion and my emotional state.

How would you define the new Hana jewelry collection you created for Joidart?

Hana is a collection of simple, straightforward lines, without ornaments or artifices and soft colors that wants to convey serenity, as if we were walking through a field of flowering fruit trees in Japan.

What do you like to do when you're not working?

Walking in Nature, discovering new corners of my city, visiting exhibitions, reading, DIY...

A jewel 

One by the jeweler Joaquim Capdevila

A color

The green of my mother's eyes

A work of art

All the work of Rodin

A teacher

All my teachers and colleagues have been teachers at some point

A flower

The hibiscus flower


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