Sep. 03, 2019 · Creations

A thousand years old, unwavering and determined, olive trees have elegantly populated the Mediterranean landscape since long before our arrival. These trees root us in our origins. Their whimsically shaped trunks have witnessed the history of all the cultures that came before us. Slowly taking in the beauty that lies in the passage of time, the olive trees grow and bear fruit that form part of our essence.

Their leaves have been represented in the esthetic imagination of Mediterranean towns since time immemorial. Today they are still a source of inspiration for artists in all fields, like jewelry designer Clara Niubò who has used them as the main motif in her new Olivia collection, developed in collaboration with the Joidart creators.

Olivia comprises bracelets, earrings, necklaces, brooches and rings that are organic in spirit and capture the Mediterranean essence of the leaves of the olive tree and its fruit. The pieces consist of matte silver leaves joined to round purple fruits made of cold enamel; and also of 24 karat gold-plated brass leaves joined together with olive green fruits made of cold enamel.

The timeless elegance of these jewels, handmade by Joidart's metalsmiths, is as serene and true as the olive trees themselves.

Find them in our online store and in stores.

Clara Niubò is a jewelry designer and illustrator. She studied Product Design and took a postgraduate course in Children's Illustration at Eina School in Barcelona, which she followed with a course at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts under the Erasmus program. She trained in Artistic Jewelry design at Barcelona's Massana school and has undertaken further studies in a number of jewelry design and painting techniques. She is a member of the Joyas Sensacionales and Quars d'una groups. She has taken part in several national and international exhibitions since 2012.

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