Aug. 22, 2019 · Creations

Pletorica is the latest collection to become part of Minves AW19 alongside other creations. The artist behind the new collection is none other than Joidart's own creative director, Cristina Julià, who found inspiration in remarkably minimalist lines and tapped into the purity of open circles.

The strength of Pletorica's earrings, necklaces and pendants lie in their simple geometry. In these pieces, Julià explores the expressive impact of incomplete circles, simple yet decisive, which defy conservative tradition and dare to come alive with a subtle outward twist. They often link together, giving rise to jewelry with personality that is both unique and comfortable to wear, making them the perfect addition to everyday outfits and a unique touch for special occasion ensembles. Wearing these pieces is a declaration of intent, a steadfast commitment to simplicity as an esthetic belief.

They are available in matte silver and in 24-karat gold-plated gold metal. Our Joidart metalsmiths put their patience and care into each piece, giving both finishes their scratched look by hand. Discover this new collection and dive into the entire Minves AW19 universe in our online store and at retail stores.

Cristina Julià is an artist and graphic designer. She is associated with Joidart by family tradition. She studied fine art (UAB) and graphic design (Eina). Her experience as a creative has grown from working in graphic design and branding agencies in Barcelona; from the evolution of her personal artistic projects and from that to which she has dedicated most of her time over the past few years: the creative direction of our brand.


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