Aug. 06, 2020 · Creations

Portlligat. A morning of sun and breeze. The vegetation envelops the silhouette of the bay. It hugs the profile of the houses by the water and, willingless, makes wild flowers sprout.

A woman walks on the beach. She goes to look at the flowers and picks up some branches. Take out the notepad and draw a sketch. She is the graphic artist Valentina Kalaydjian. She has just conceived a new collection of contemporary jewelry that she will call Portlligat and that she will develop together with Joidart’s design team in an exciting creative journey.

This is how the new Portlligat collection was born, which takes as its starting point the whimsical shapes of the branches and flowers of the coast of Cadaqués that Valentina Kalaydjian admires and loves so much. They are part of her emotional universe and also, in a way, of all the women who wear the pieces in the collection.

Portlligat necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings are handmade by Joidart artisans with delicacy and patience. They emboss a twig with leaves on a rounded piece of matte silver or matte metal with a 24 K gold plating.

The most spectacular creations in the collection also contain an irregular circle made of thread that hangs from the main piece and reinforces its organic personality. Discover its outlines in our online store and in the stores that sell our brand.

Valentina Kalaydjian is a graphic designer and a passionate for photography. She studied design at ESDi, School of Design (URL) and at LAMKO, Lahti Institute of Design in Finland. In love with L’Empordà and everything that has to do with the Mediterranean Sea, she creates linear illustrations synthesizing every detail in small organic forms. He has been collaborating with Joidart since 2016, as the brand's social media manager. In parallel, she develops projects as a designer in her own studio.

Model photography

Es Caials by @delicadagreta
Photography @aiguastudiostore
Model @_moontserrat_


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